FAQ & Contacts

Q: Who owns The Village Label?
A: Chandra Johnson & Doug Keith

Q: When was The Village Label started?
A: Spring of 2009

Q: Why was The Village Label started?
A: To support the artists that the owners love and provide an artist friendly channel to get their work out into the world.

Q: Who do I contact to book a show with “ArtistX”?

A: Please send an email to “dk (AT) thevillagelabel.com” with the following info:
Artist you’d like to book:
Location of event:
Date of event:
We will forward your email off to the appropriate people to respond.

Q: Can I use “song X” in my movie/podcast?
A: Please send an email to dk (AT) thevillagelabel.com with the following information:

Song Artist:
Song Title:
Please describe your film (please be very, very brief – less than 100 words):
Please describe the scene where you would like to use the song (very important):
Where is the film going to be shown?
Are there plans to submit it to festivals?
What is the film’s budget?
Can you send us a clip (specifically the clip where the song would be used), or a copy of the film?

All other contacts are below. The Village Label does not accept unsolicited demos. If you’re active, we’ll hear you and if we’re interested, we’ll find you.

General Questions: dk (at) thevillagelabel.com

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