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“I love songs and I love lyrics,” Doug Keith states. “I don’t believe in throwaway songs, and I don’t believe that the single is the future. I love albums, and I love it when an artist or band thinks of an album as the thing itself, not just the vehicle for one or two songs.”

The New York singer/songwriter/guitarist more than lives up to those principles on The Lucky Ones, his second album under his own name. The 11-song collection, on his co-owned independent The Village Label, demonstrates Keith’s uncanny knack for capturing vividly intimate emotional truths in song.

Keith weaves those truths into understatedly eloquent songs, which he delivers with a weathered, expressive voice, nimble, blues-rooted guitar work and organically layered arrangements that effortlessly convey the emotional immediacy of his compositions. The material on The Lucky Ones ranges from the acoustic starkness of “We Left Everything” to the surging electricity of “The Lucky Ones” to the buoyant textures of “Skip James Radio”; the common threads are the warmth and insight that the artist brings to every track.


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Doug KeithThe Lucky OnesTVL002  March 30th, 2010
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Doug KeithHere’s to Outliving Me ReissueTVL001  July 13th, 2010

Press Quotes:

“I don’t know much about Doug Keith other than that his CD The Lucky Ones is one of my favorite albums of the year so far.”
- Joe Heim / The Washington Post

“Here’s To Outliving Me, is familiar but fresh. The New York native’s songs are rooted comfortably in traditional folk and Americana, without being mawkish or treading into tired territory. This is largely because Keith’s voice is so richly textured, backed by sweet harmonies and beautifully layered instrumentation. Keith is a modern-day troubadour. He sings of the usual topics: women, heartbreak, death, and longing. But thanks to a welcome trace of roughness in his voice, he comes off as a well-weathered and sage source of advice and storytelling.”
- Rachel Kowal / NPR

“Working with a poppier version of a singer-songwriter or even Americana feel, Doug Keith shows the strength of mature lyrics [on his second album The Lucky Ones]. Keith has gotten right by staying even-keeled, and the smart lyrics and steady music combine for a surprisingly good listen.”
- Popmatters

“Highlighted by deep lyrics and smooth vocals, The Lucky Ones is definitely a front runner for 2010 album of the year. I rarely shout that you must own an album, but if you purchase only one record this year, it has to be The Lucky Ones.”
- Rock and Roll Guru (9 out of 10) (link:

“Doug Keith’s second solo album, The Lucky Ones, is a just about perfect piece of work. One flawless, lovely, moving song after another for forty minutes and not a mistake, not a naff moment, not a second that isn’t unarelled in it’s beauty, it’s intensity, the song for the words, the words for the song, the arrangement, from back ground to front, from violins to acoustic guitar.”
- Rock NYC (link:

“A soulful collection of self penned songs fill this album with a hazy vibe of good times and melancholy. Doug Keith obviously has a way with a tune and an ear for a ramshackle chorus. There are moments of great beauty ‘There Are Days’ boasts a lyrical almost gossamer guitar solo that precedes a stirring mixed voice chorus that just hits the spot. You know… that spot……the one where Neil sings the chorus to Old Man and the others join in……..that spot. This is a great album. Buy it and cherish it. Then play it to someone else.”
- Americana UK (9 out of 10)

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